Iron Roughnecks

Through the use of advanced remote controls on the larger models, the Iron Roughneck can be remotely operated and controlled through integrated driller's control stations to automatically perform complete make/break cycles, providing increased levels of automation of the drilling rigs.

The Iron Roughneck is a versatile, safe, cost-efficient alternative to conventional pipe connection techniques. It is highly adaptable for a wide variety of installations which makes it ideal for multiple operating environments. Overall, these benefits increase economic efficiency and add value to the entire drilling operation.


The new ST-100 Iron Roughneck incorporates the durability, ruggedness and performance of legacy NOV® Iron Roughnecks into a new, compact package. The ST-100 Iron Roughneck provides fast, safe and reliable tubular make-up and break-out functions in a package similar to the industry-leading ST-80C Iron Roughneck. Utilizing the rugged AR3200 Torque Wrench [fW-1 02) and the high-performance ST-120/MPT200 Spin Wrench, the ST-100 combines decades of proven technology and reliability in one tool while improving performance and reduced cost of maintenance and ownership! The ST-100 utilizes a compact scissorarm system based on the ST-80C to increase the clearance around well center during use and when stored. The all-hydraulic controls provide fast, safe and reliable make-up and break-out of tubular connections ranging from 3½ to 9¾ inch diameter. With up to 120,000 ft-Ibs of available break-out torque, drilling connections are handled with ease.

The built in NOV Soft Clamp feature applies minimal clamp force while spinning in enabling quicker makeup and breakout times, as well as increasing the life of today's high-performance connections.

The ST-100 is easily installed on virtually any drill floor utilizing a single floor mounted socket. The ST-100
works as easily at well center as it does at mousehole. The 60" reach option can be installed directly into
existing ST-80 and ST-80C sockets quickly, providing an easy upgrade to rig capability and performance
with minimal (if any) rig floor modifications for rigs already using ST-80 and ST-80C's. 

Assembly Weight 10,500 lbs (4,763 kg) (estimated)
Hydraulic Requirements 35 GPM @ 2,500 psi (132 LPM @ 172 bar) min
  45 GPM @ 3,000 psi (170 LPM @ 207 bar) max
Tubular ConnectionOD Range 3½" to 9¾"
Spin Speed 60 RPM (nominal on 5" DP)
Spin Torque 3,000 ft-lbs (4,070 Nm)
Maximum Make-Up Torque 100,000 ft-lbs (135,582 Nm)
Maximum Break-Out Torque 120,000 ft-lbs (162,698 Nm)
Connection Height 30" to 66" (762 mm to 1,676 mm)
Horizontal Travel 60" (1,524 mm) Standard  96" (2,438 mm)
Casing Ready No